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Get ready for lift off! A team of proven experts available to you on demand and managed through a single platform.

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Ground Control App

We've come up with a completely new way to give you access to the power of marketing experts.

It’s going to save you time, it’s going to save you money and it’s going to put you back in control.

Book A Demo
We’ll help you put together a team of marketing experts.

From website support, social media and content to PR and digital strategy, everything and anything you need to succeed all in one application.

Select the appropriate skill from our list of service providers or include your own trusted providers.

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Access to experts

Receive 30 minutes of free advice through 1-on-1 consultations with accredited service providers that have been hand picked for your business.

Set up monthly services or get support on one off tasks and projects.

Our providers, some of the best in the field, will offer free advice tailored to suit you and your business.

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Tickets not emails

Track every request and monitor its progress, without ever having to search your email folders.

Communicate with your team and enable them to communicate with each other.

Significantly reduce administration, whilst supporting service providers’ to be more productive and efficient with your billable time.

Quickly and easily see what tasks have been completed, what’s under way and what needs your attention.

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All your info in one place

Monitor your results and make your service providers accountable.

Keep all your marketing collateral - images, text, video - in one place.

Share your resources with other team members.

Review your services in one simple list and keep track of what you're paying for.

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...let's see IT
in action...

It’s Software as a Service (SaaS)
...but not as you know it.

We’ve combined an application that helps you run your marketing smoothly with real people and real conversations to give you 360 vision and real results.

Simple, transparent pricing

Want access to the app and our team of experts, sounds great what does it cost?

Expert services
Unsubscribed services
Advice from assigned provider
1-1 30-minute consultation
+ My Team
Resource storage
Services reporting



Expert services: 
Unsubscribed services: 
Advice from assigned provider: 
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1-1 30-minute consultation: 
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+ My Team: 
Up to 5
Resource storage: 
Services reporting: 
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Expert services: 
Unsubscribed services: 
Advice from assigned provider: 
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1-1 30-minute consultation: 
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Choose plan
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All limited links
+ My Team: 
Up to 10
Resource storage: 
Services reporting: 
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Process, onboarding and training

All as standard

Sign Up
Getting Started

Great to have you onboard!

Awesome! Once you’ve signed up to Ground Control, our onboarding team will be in touch to run through your details and plan.

They’ll setup your dashboard so you can get to grips with the application and then be on hand to answer any questions.

The App
Ground Control

Customising the App

Explore and discover what the application can do for you by setting up your marketing teams.

From our experts to your own providers - design the dashboard around your business the way you want, there’s no limits.

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However, if you need our input, you can always tell us what you need in your App and we’ll customise the dashboard for you.

Reviewing your workspace

Discover your new dashboard

Look at your marketing efforts as a whole and get expert advice if you need it.

Activate access to experts

The Dashboard is where you can review all your information, from tickets to services, content and reports. This is your 'Ground Control'.

The application dashboard
The Teams
Utilising the experts

How to get the most out of it

We offer one to one support to help you understand how to get the most out of Ground Control  - there’s no limit on questions!

Our experts will offer you tailored recommendations to maximise not only your marketing campaigns but also your operations, from new web technologies to widgets that you could be utilising for your business.

Recommendations + Reports
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Blast Off
Let's get you to the moon

If you’re interested in Ground Control for your business, then contact the team @GC

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The Drum Awards - Agency Business Finalist 2021 Badge
The Drum Awards - Agency Business Finalist 2021 Badge
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