Index-based data-driven performance with the highest level of bespoke

programming and web design

Indexes online are businesses at heart - they need to be valuable resources for users, but also traffic-building tools for advertisers that generate revenue.


Target Ink offers the best of breed in this department.


Our system of high quality content generation from data is unique in our industry.

Our management system is custom built for each client, with limitless possibilities and an array of useful feature favourites. These include ad management and tracking tools, as well as complete data management and publishing.

As with all of our web products, time and consideration are given to ensuring the best possible user experience.


We focus heavily on detail and a design that will make your product stand out and reflect your brand perfectly. Combine that with amazing search engine performance means that we’re in the best possible position to deliver against your online business goals.




This project was a website for CES a Highly regarded Showcase works.


If you'd like see more of our work or would like to book a consultation with our Project Manager drop us an email and we'll get back to you as quick as a flash.

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