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The Workshops.

These include a report of your existing site and a strategy document for future planning + a 1 hour consultation with our top in-house SEO expert to break it down for you.

The Target Ink Workshop is ideal for businesses that want to dramatically improve their optimisation. From fundamentals to more specific areas of your performance, this consultation is tailored to your web site and marketing strategy. It will aid you in getting results with the added bonus of giving you more insight and education so you can keep improving your results for future campaigns.

During the 1-1 Workshop we will take you through our Workbook document. This deals with the keywords, general well-being of your website and looks at some of the strategies to help grow your online presence. It also provides a useful introduction into how search engines work.

You'll get to take this strategy document away and implement all the tips you acquire from the Workbook. It's a great benchmark, so you will be able to review your current and past stats and compare them once you've addressed any issues discussed throughout the Workshop.

Not tech Savvy? We are more than happy to help advise you on how to integrate the solutions to your site. If you can't implement some of the changes yourself and don't have a developer we can quote you on actioning the Workbook to your current site.

..So if your website is not performing for your target market, or you would just like to expand your knowledge of how SEO and Digital Marketing can work for your business, why not request a Workshop today? Just fill in our form below and we'll get back to you asap!

The 1-1 Workshop is £480+ VAT This includes a full Workbook + 1 hour consultation to break it down for you. Why not fill out the form below today and get your SEO on track!!


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