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We think there’s no better way to engage with people than with Video Marketing.

Do you want to get your point across without making people work for it? Or maybe you know you’re much more likely to watch something than read it. Video marketing can do that for your clients.

Usually, the big downside to this type of marketing is cost. But we can help you with that. We offer training and tools to let you do it yourself or we have a variety of options to make it more affordable. One of our clients, Apps 4 Business, asked us to do an affordable video to help them explain to their clients what they do in a way that was really simple to understand.

The brief was to build a simple video to explain how Apps 4 Business products could benefit potential clients. We worked together on a storyboard  - play the short video at the top of this page ... if you haven't already!

We have a simple structure for how we format and create video content:

- Consultation to discuss brief and scene details
- Generate content storyboard
- Proof video with 1 set of amends
- Create the video for file format

However, if you want something a little extra special we can also put you in touch with the right people 👍


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