Web Design for ISO Consultants in London and Kent

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Web Design
The Brief / Project:

Website design and build for ISO Consultancy in London and Kent

The Client / Case Study:

Paul Stevens / AvISO Consultancy

Here's what Paul had to say:

AvISO Consultancy, which launched eight years ago, has benefited from a Target Ink designed and maintained website since then; its current website being the third one.

AvISO – which has offices in London, Kent, Birmingham, Ireland and Lisbon - specialises in supporting national and international clients with their ISO Standard Certification and Management Systems. It offers software, training and consultancy solutions for managing risk, compliance and governance and boasts an industry-leading reputation.

The firm providess support to organisations at all stages of ISO certification, from the implementation of an entirely new system, internal auditing and maintenance, through to the improvement and upgrade of existing systems.

“Target Ink has been incredibly helpful since day one and supported us to achieve the maximum potential from our website,” says Director Dr Paul Stevens. “Our website is our shop window and provides a significant source of revenue for us and is key in terms of lead generation.”

Dr Stevens explains that Target Ink has been particularly helpful with SEO.

“Without Target Ink alongside us, we’d have a much more scattergun approach,” he says. “For instance, they explained that there are lots of websites out there which mention ISO9001, so there’s no point in chasing that phrase from an SEO point of view. Instead, the team has shown us the importance of focusing on SEO terms which are more niche to us. This way we get some really good leads and, in the SEO terms which matter to us, we are top of the searches.”

Aviso Consultants
AvISO Consultants Website - www.avisoconsultancy.co.uk

Dr Stevens adds that Target Ink has also been unfazed when AvISO has thrown some significant challenges in its direction.

“We recently made the unusual decision within our sector to publish the vast majority of our Legal Registers on our website, free of charge – something which nobody else in the UK has done before and represents a real game changer in our market,” he explains. “If these had been added one by one, it would have been a huge piece of work. However, Target Ink understood what it was we wanted to achieve and came up with a solution to move large sections of material over onto the website at one time.”

He adds: “I have a feeling that some other website developers may have simply told us it wasn’t possible. We tend to get in touch with Target Ink and say ‘this is what we want to achieve’ and they go away and come up with a solution. We have certainly made their life more complicated over the last few years; we started life with probably three management system standards on our website and now there are many more. The team also worked out the code which has enabled us to include a chat-box on the home page.”

Another recent challenge for Target Ink has been adding training modules for AvISO’s 16 standards onto the website, which accounts in total for 1000 individual one-hour modules. Again, this was a challenge which the firm accepted.

In terms of the actual design, Dr Stevens admits that what his firm offers isn’t very visual.

“When we initially launched the website, the Target Ink team undertook a huge amount of research into what the websites of other firms in our industry looked like, comparing their strengths and weaknesses,” he says. “I think, considering we don’t benefit from exciting imaginary, that it looks pretty slick and engaging.”

Then we it comes to adding news to the website, for example, Target Ink’s very own maintenance system makes this a simple process for the AvISO team.

“While we knew that adding new content, such as news, was important, we hadn’t understood how key it was to also include case studies but Target Ink explained the benefits,” Dr Stevens says. “Now we actively seek feedback after every project.”

Like every business, AvISO has budgets and financial goals and Dr Stevens says that he appreciates the fact that Target Ink has a ‘transparent pricing mechanism’, so he knows what it’s going to cost him each month.

“Overall, Target Ink has a great approach and outlook,” says Dr Stevens. “What they do is essentially pretty technical, but they explain it very clearly. On top of all that, they are a really nice bunch of people to deal with.”

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