Marketing Consultation for Digital Strategy

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The Brief / Project:

Digital marketing strategy consultation at Target Ink HQ in Tunbridge Wells

The Client / Case Study:

Debbie Waite / Stronger Inside & Out

Here's what Debbie had to say:

Here at Target Ink, we’ve spoken before about how we are happy to take on the maintenance and support of a website we didn’t design.

In addition, we also offer a consultation service to small businesses, where Rob Stevens will sit with an entrepreneur for a couple of hours and discuss whether their website is delivering for them and what simple steps can be taken to make it work harder.

One of the recent business owners to take up this opportunity for a consultation was Debbie Waite, owner of Stronger Inside & Out. Debbie is a life and business coach, who works with businesswomen, empowering them to succeed better in both their personal and work lives. She started out working as a coach with large corporates 25 years ago and has been running her own company from Groombridge, near Tunbridge Wells, for nine years.

“It was great to have Debbie visit us at Target Ink and learn more about her business and what she wants to achieve,” says Rob. “Debbie built her website herself, using one of the popular online web design packages. I wasn’t there to criticise what she’d created but I wanted to help her see her website as part of her overall marketing strategy and not something sitting there by itself. She is active in her networking and social media but is her website effective in converting any leads she might have?”

Debbie said she really only saw her website as the ‘shop window’ for her business and somewhere potential clients might go to validate her and Stronger Inside & Out, view her prices and perhaps book in a call.

“The couple of hours I spent with Rob were so useful and he’s made me much more enthusiastic about my website and simplified everything for me,” she says. “Up until then, I honestly saw my website as ‘my enemy’ because it caused me more stress than it bought in sales...”

Debbie continues: “Rob took time to understand my business – what I do, my three key products and how I sell them. He asked me to describe my ideal client and what I would provide them with. Just talking through it all made me realise that sometimes my approach can be a bit disjointed.”

Debbie Waite / Stronger Inside & Out

Debbie admits she feels ‘held back by technology’ and avoids it ‘at all costs’.

“I’ve had conversations with technical people before and they could have been speaking Japanese, I understood so little,” she continues. “Rob was just super patient and really put himself in my shoes, in terms of my grasp of it all. I honestly just thought he’d give me some broad hints and tips and critique my website design but Rob did so much more than I expected and went much deeper. He wanted me to understand how a potential client would find my business online and how they would buy from me. It was all just so useful.”

She continues: “Rob was brilliant and made me realise that there are small things I can do to improve my SEO. He also showed me that I’m not making the most of my website and explained how I can make it work harder for my business; even just changing the titles on the pages, which I didn’t realise mattered. He looked at my keywords, helped me to be clear about what they should be and encouraged me to be consistent with them.”

“Our chat also helped me to understand what digital agency Target Ink can do. They certainly don’t just build websites; the maintenance and support they provide is as important and it’s interesting that they can provide that to businesses, even if they didn’t build the original website.”

“What always impresses me about Rob is that he’s so obviously technically brilliant, but he shares that knowledge in a very personable way. You shouldn’t underestimate what he and the team do at Target Ink. I discovered so much during my two hours and my takeaway is that simple little changes can make a big difference when it comes to websites. I’m guilty of using too many words and Rob encouraged me to write less and be more specific. He also explained how useful case studies are and, although a lot of my work is confidential, I am going to see if I can bring those into my marketing mix too.”

If you would like a strategy consultation we charge: £240+vat, to find out more, contact us