Marketing Consultation for Social Media Company

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The Brief / Project:

Digital marketing strategy consultation at Target Ink HQ in Tunbridge Wells

The Client / Case Study:

Lucy Ames / Smartist Social Media

Here is what Lucy had to say:

Lucy made the decision to launch Smartist Social Media at the end of 2020, having previously provided social media support on a freelance basis to art galleries, property agents and, during lockdown, to a large baking retailer. Today, Lucy and her team provide social media management to support SME businesses.

She particularly enjoys working in the property sector and with the trades. Lucy also likes her clients to be local, so she can meet up regularly, establishing strong relationships.

Lucy built her own website using a popular online provider.

“I felt fairly confident doing that, as I’ve got a background in IT,” she explains. “I didn’t do much with it initially but then, last year, I added a few more pages on social proof which started to generate leads. I could see the value of updating my website but didn’t know what to do next.”

Having worked alongside the team at Target Ink and witnessed other businesses benefit from a website review with Rob, Lucy asked him if he’d do a review of the Smartist Social Media website.

“Here at Smartist Social Media, I offer a Social Media MOT and I know how useful this can be for businesses,” says Lucy. “It can be really beneficial to have somebody else critique what you’re doing and come up with some fresh ideas.”

During the session, Rob mapped out his thoughts and ideas on the large glass table in our meeting room.

“Rob took time to find out more about my business and his approach was much broader than just my website,” says Lucy. “I was impressed by how knowledgeable he is regarding marketing strategy; he sees your website as part of a much bigger picture.”

She continues: “In addition, Rob wanted to understand where my leads generally come from and how my website could then turn these leads into clients. He also explained how the website can be updated to better target potential clients.”

At Target Ink we have seen the value of case studies in our own business and Rob explained to Lucy how these would benefit Smartist Social Media.

“I had some case studies already but they were all on one page and Rob suggested I put them onto separate pages,” says Lucy. “He also encouraged me to gather case studies from the type of client I particularly want to work with so, with the addition of the right keywords, I can guide potential clients towards them.”

She continues: “Rob was genuinely interested in pointing me in the right direction to make my website better. He explained everything in very clear terms and was extremely logical. Rob was quite complimentary about my website as it stands, which I was relieved about! I’ve been left with some homework to do – such as adding in some additional links, as well as separating out my existing case studies - but I’m actually excited about doing that, as I can understand the potential benefits.”

Asked what she’d say to another business owner looking for feedback about their website and digital marketing strategy, Lucy comments:

“Absolutely do it! My consultation with Rob was a brilliant use of a couple of hours. In fact, I think it’s worth doing on a regular basis – particularly as, in a few months, I’d like to see if Rob thinks the work I’m going to put in has had a positive impact."

If you would like a strategy consultation we charge: £240+vat, to find out more, contact us