Web design for CRM software company in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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The Brief / Project:

Web design for CRM software company in Kent.

The Client / Case Study:

Tim Hanchet / TN4 Solutions

Here's what Tim had to say:

Asked what they like best about the service provided by Target Ink, the majority of clients mention our maintenance system, which makes any changes or requests easy to log and track. The first company ever to benefit from this support was TN4 Solutions, which continues to be a client to this today.

“The maintenance system Target Ink offers us is very straightforward to use,” says Tim Hanchet from TN4 Solutions. “Any changes we request are made very swiftly.”

TN4 Solutions is a premier Sage Business Cloud Consultancy Company offering CRM and Sage software. Based in Tunbridge Wells, it has benefited from a Target Ink website since day one. 

“We offer software which is cost effective and moves a business forward,” says Tim. “We partner with our clients and make their aims our aims. We have substantial experience of providing first rate solutions and customer care is at the heart of our entire operation.”

Tim got to know the team at Target Ink simply because they were, at the time, located in the same business centre.

“They developed our very first website 15 years ago and we are now on version two, which is around four years old,” he explains. 

Since the launch of the second website, a selection of video tours and tutorials have been added to the site. 

“The team at Target Ink are really good at explaining things to us in a straightforward way,” says Tim. “They’ve also been really accommodating recently, helping us to add extra pages to the website.”

In addition to the ongoing maintenance of the website, Target Ink also provides SEO support to TN4 Solutions, while also managing its Google ads. 

Tim says he acknowledges the importance of having a good website but says that it works primarily as a ‘confirmation tool’. 

“Somebody might recommend us and then the next step will be for those potential clients to do a little research and check us out, which is when they’ll look at our website,” Tim says. 

He adds that Target Ink’s transparent pricing structure is a ‘very attractive business model’. 

“I like the fact that we’ve got a monthly retainer and we know what we’re going to pay, as well as the reassurance that our requests and support will be covered within that, unless we need a bigger piece of work doing.”

He continues: “What I really like about Target Ink is their ability to listen to our needs and deliver us a first-class product. We are, put simply, very happy punters.”