Web design for ESG Property Company Tunbridge Wells

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The Brief / Project:

ESG Property companies website design and development

The Client / Case Study:

Jordan Relfe MRICS / LifeProven

Here's what Jordan had to say:

LifeProven is a property services business which supports a range of clients – including developers, landlords and consultants – to strategise and report their ESG (environmental, social and governance impact). The company has offices in both London and Hartfield, in East Sussex.

“We launched LifeProven pre-Covid,” says Jordan Relfe MRICS, who co-founded the business with Adam Hinds. “At that point we were more focused on the social and wellbeing impact of properties. Post-Covid, the environment has changed and we are more concerned with how buildings respond to people. We also help our clients to measure their property’s impact on the climate, for instance, which they are increasingly expected to be able to share with their stake holders.”

Jordan and Adam had previously worked with Rob at Target Ink when they were launching another business a few years ago.

“We didn’t end up progressing that business, instead deciding to focus on LifeProven,” says Jordan. “However, we already knew that Target Ink was the agency we wanted to work with and Rob was the right person for the job, so we got back in touch.”

He continues: “There’s a lot of fluff spoken around websites and we’d had our fingers burnt in the past. Rob makes a point of demystifying everything; he has a very straightforward approach to website creation. We also liked the fact that we’d get access to Rob’s expertise on an ongoing basis.”

Jordan says that the design process began by getting together in a workshop session, where LifeProven was able to run through everything they wanted.

Web design for ESG Property Company Tunbridge Wells

“Initially Target Ink produced a wireframe for us,” says Jordan. “It didn’t quite align with what we wanted at that point but the team took away our feedback and came back with something that is spot on. The communication was excellent throughout this process.”

He adds: “The design part of the project took a while but we wanted a highly bespoke website with a particular look and feel. The time was well spent though, as we’ve got exactly what we wanted. We are super happy and the site has had a lot of compliments.”

LifeProven has recently appointed a content marketer, who will be focusing on driving forward the company’s content strategy.

“Because we have an ongoing relationship with Target Ink, Rob is now working with our content marketer to make sure that our website is optimised,” says Jordan. “Ensuring that the website is in the best possible position to bring us leads is definitely our goal over the next few months.”

During this important time for the business, the LifeProven team are really benefiting from Target Ink’s maintenance and support package, while Jordan says that having a set monthly fee makes budgeting easier.

“We have a direct debit which goes out every month and we’re not having to deal with lots of invoices,” he says. “Some agencies charge a mind-blowing amount for designing a website, while Target Ink’s approach of spreading out the cost makes it much more affordable and achievable.”

LifeProven’s office in Hartfield isn’t very far from Target Ink in Tunbridge Wells and Jordan says that’s made a difference.

“We could have gone for an agency based literally anywhere, but I’ve discovered that we are really benefiting from working with another local owner-managed business,” Jordan explains. “Rob is passionate about his business and he understands the passion we have for LifeProven. With a big agency our dealings could have ended up being purely transactional and that’s not the case with Target Ink. We have an open dialogue with Rob and we throw ideas at him and he shares his ideas with us.”

Jordan adds: “What really matters to us is that Target Ink isn’t just focused on designing websites, they understand that websites have to perform. The balance between those two factors is so important and Target Ink has it spot on. I would 100% recommend Target Ink and I can see us working with them for a while yet. We are super happy.”