Website design for specialist in motorised blinds and roof shading.

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The Brief / Project:

Brand new web design and maintenance of existing website for company supplying blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings

The Client / Case Study:

Wiser Interiors and Shaded Cube

Web design for company supplying blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings and specialising in motorised blinds and roof shading. Installing in homes and businesses in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London.

Here at Target Ink, the service we provide to our clients doesn’t finish when a website is created but continues afterwards through our maintenance and support package. We can also provide this ongoing support to businesses which haven’t had their website originally designed by us. Our relationship with the team at Wiser Interiors is a case in point.

Wiser Interiors is owned by Ellen Long. The business was launched by her father back in 1989 and taken over by Ellen in 2008. It offers all kinds of shading for buildings – from simple blinds to entire custom-made motorised blind/awning systems. 

“We’d describe ourselves as a boutique blinds company and everything we create is bespoke, whether a customer wants a single blind, a developer requires blinds for a new build of 20 flats or a client requires a system which sends down all the blinds or awnings when the front door is locked,” Ellen explains. 

The company has two websites – one for Wiser Interiors and one called Shaded Cube. 

“We bought the Shaded Cube website in March 2021 because it had really great SEO,” Ellen says. “I was already talking to Target Ink about looking after it for us. However, during the purchase, something happened at the seller’s end and the website disappeared… But Target Ink absolutely saved the day! Within 24 hours, they had basically replicated it, cleaned it up and got it up again. They’ve also since fixed all the bugs which were in there.”

Target Ink didn’t design the existing Wiser Interiors website but Ellen asked the team to take that over as well.

WiSER Interiors new site blending effective SEO and great user experience

“Target Ink has refreshed that website for us and cleaned up every page,” Ellen explains. “That was no easy task, as every page has pay-per-click on it and our CRM system all feeds into the website. They did a great job.”

She adds: “One goal was to streamline the menu and make the website as a whole easier to navigate. That’s been achieved and we’ve certainly noticed that the bounce rate has gone down significantly since Target Ink actioned this for us. Now we need to focus on adding additional pages.”

Ellen came across Rob from Target Ink through the networking group BNI. 

“What I really liked about Target Ink was its maintenance and support package,” she explains. “It means I can make changes when I need to and that can be anywhere and at any time. The other evening, I noticed that one of the websites had a Twitter logo on there and we’re not on Twitter, so I picked up my phone and logged a ticket then and there to have it removed. It’s so simple and I’ve got complete peace of mind that our tickets will be actioned.”

Ellen also appreciates that the majority of updates and changes are included in the monthly fee.

“Target Ink’s maintenance and support package is really good value – if, of course, you make the most of it - and knowing what we’re paying each month really helps with our cash flow,” she adds. “I come from a marketing background and I know you can’t create a website and then simply leave it as it is. I appreciate the fact that using Target Ink allows me to actively manage our websites.”

Ellen adds that she appreciates Target Ink’s business-minded approach to website development.

“Rob is quite strategic, which is refreshing, and he understands the different between a website which is basically a company brochure and one which is lead-generating,” she says. “On top of that, the whole team is great; they are all really nice people and that’s an added bonus.”