Everyone knows Digital Marketing is important, but not every business is the same.
Use our guide below to workout what areas might be important to you or click the link
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Having experience working with a wide range of clients and industries, we can work with you to plan, create and produce the perfect web marketing strategy to launch your business.

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  • What type of business are you?

    Most business need SEO and a good website to direct the traffic they generate to. A website can act as a good place to track the performance of your other digital activities, it can also be used to cover that activity in to business.

    • If you have a complex product or service that you need people to understand then video can be an excellent way to get that info across easily. Check out one of our client videos here.
    • Social is always recommended, but choosing the right strategy is vital to being successful. If your looking to work with other businesses then finding out where they hangout online is the way to go and if your looking for B2C’s then knowing how to engage with the masses is how you can get the most out of your efforts.
    • If you are looking to be a consultant or offer a service that requires really knowing your stuff then engaging with forums and developing useful content is the place to focus.

    We can help you with all of these things and if it’s just advice you need then that's free, just call us on 01892 800 400

  • What is your competition?

    Knowing your competition is of course important when it comes to SEO, can you beat them and knowing why they are doing well or badly helps you understand what you can do to improve your own campaign.

    The reporting that comes with our websites helps you better understand the ongoing performance of our competition or we can offer one off reviews. Click here to request one today!

  • Jargon Buster Breakdown!

    • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation, the process of increasing the performance of your site in organic listings.
    • Organic listings: Your position in search engine results you have gained, brought about by your competition without using paid listing positions in the form of Google ads.
    • Keywords: Search terms entered by search engine users. ‘key phrases’.
    • URL: Universal Resource Locator. A URL is the address of a web page, every page on the web has it’s own individual URL, for example is one and is another. It can also be the address of a document or image for example.
    • Domain: A domain refers to a website as a whole for example is a URL on the

    For more information and a free demonstration call us on 01892 800 400



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