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April 28, 2022

Today, we’ve noticed some small business owners question the value of having a website, particularly as there are so many other ways to engage with potential customers, including on social media.

There are though many important reasons to still invest in a website – whatever size your business is and whatever sector you’re based in. 

It's all very well having a presence on social media but all brands have to abide by the templates on that site, so it can be hard to show exactly what your business is about, its brand and culture. Also – and most importantly – you don’t have full control over your content on social media. On your company’s website, you do. 

The design of your website can absolutely reflect your business and you can share testimonials, news items, video, images and anything which makes your brand stand out. Also, there have been times recently when certain social media platforms have disappeared for several hours; this rarely happens with websites. 

Websites are also accessible to many more people than any of the social media platforms. It’s all very well saying that your core customers are likely to be on Instagram but nearly everyone will be able to simply check out your website. Figures from the ONS in 2020 (the latest available) reveal that an amazing 96% of households in Great Britain have internet access, up from 57% in 2006, when comparable records began. 

Potential customers are more likely to find your business if you’ve got a website aided, of course, by SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Social media networks are increasingly being indexed on Google but having a website gives your business access to more tools and strategies to make SEO really work to your advantage. 

During the pandemic, it was those businesses with an established website which were better prepared to deal with the challenges. This is especially true for retail and hospitality, as their premises were shut for long periods of time. Without that bricks and mortar presence, customers increasingly turned to those businesses’ websites. At that time, a number of our clients asked for us to integrate online retail into their sites and websites became the place customers went to find out what that business was all about.

A website makes your business look credible and professional. Wherever you’ve ‘met’ a brand or a business, the chances are before taking that next step – whether that’s making a purchase or simply finding out more – you’ll click onto that company’s website. If nothing else, it gives us confidence that the business is ‘real’.

You can also add to that feeling of credibility by including any accreditations or details of awards your business has won. In addition, if you’ve got a website domain name, then you have the opportunity of adding on branded email addresses, which also add a level of professionalism. 

A company’s website is an essential part of any customer’s journey. Like a shop on the hight street, it can be somewhere you pop back and have another look it, perhaps to read some testimonials or to check out the ‘our team’ section to discover more about the people behind that company. When you’ve got a website, people can see that you’ve invested in your business and your brand. 

Your website is also the best place to answer any FAQs – such as where you are based, your hours of operation and contact details etc. If these questions can be addressed easily, then you are more likely to keep potential customers engaged. 

In addition to being an essential sales tool, your website can also play a vital role in attracting the best people to join your business. Currently, many industries are struggling with recruitment. If your website looks professional and showcases your business as a great place to work, then that’s a huge plus point.

We are living in an increasingly digital world and without a website your business could become invisible. 
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