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February 18, 2021

We are told time and time again that businesses need content but the thought of creating words to post on a website, as well as on numerous social media channels can seem overwhelming. Many of us simply don’t know where to begin or, alternatively, we might set off with enthusiasm… only to quickly run out of steam.

As a starting point, it can help to print off a calendar for the next three or four months (or longer). Then simply note any key dates for your business or the sector you are in – these could be as simple as Christmas or Mother’s Day or, if you are an accountancy firm, it might be when a new tax year begins. Alternatively, it could be when you are planning to launch a new product or service or a day when your business celebrates an anniversary.

Once you’ve started to make a note of all these dates, then it will feel as if a schedule is coming together. 

In addition, there are a range of awareness days or weeks – such as Small Business Saturday - and some of these could well be related to your business, so make a note of these as well. 

Then think about whether any of these dates might benefit from a blog or are simply a day to post something on social media. Make a list of potential blog posts and set yourself some deadlines to have those blogs written by or delegate some out to your team. 

In addition to producing copy which is engaging, it is important to share a variety of content. For this reason, it is worth thinking about content creation in the same way you might if you were publishing a magazine. 

Pick up any journal – whether it’s about motorbikes or flower arranging – and you’ll find a mix of articles. Then relate these different types of content to your organisation:


These offer an opportunity to produce some original content and, by sharing advice or perhaps hints and tips, be seen as an expert. Again, plan ahead. Make a list of the team members who could do this and create a schedule, giving them a deadline. By spreading out the workload, they might only have to write one or two blogs a year. 


All companies will have something news – or news - to share at some point; perhaps an award, a new member of the team, a new branch or a new product. Written well, not only can this content be shared across your channels, but it could also be distributed as a press release. 


Any content you create which includes a human element will always receive additional engagement. Consider ‘interviewing’ your colleagues – not just the directors of your firm, but everyone included in your team. Find out what they enjoy most about their job, why they think your organisation stands out and what they enjoy doing in their spare time. 

Also remember to share in the success of your team members. While it might be nothing to do with their Monday to Friday role, the fact that one of them volunteers at the local foodbank or is training for a marathon is great content to share. 

Case studies:

If you’ve got a particularly happy customer or client, then consider asking to interview them for a bigger case study type piece. Case studies make great landing pages on your website and are good news for SEO. 

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