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July 20, 2022

Steve Rowley – who has a role which is split between business development and design - only joined our team at Target Ink in early 2022, but he’s known Rob for a while now.

“I worked at my previous employer for 11 years and, during that time, Target Ink provided us with design support, so I got to know Rob and Matt well,” Steve explains. “That company was involved in live music and events and, when the pandemic arrived, I was made redundant. At that time, I considered a big career change and looked at both becoming a paramedic and also a prison officer. However, Rob from Target Ink asked my previous boss what I was doing and got in touch wondering if I’d be interested in a chat.”

Steve has a background in both graphic design and business development and when Rob talked about him being able to use both of these skills in a new role at Target Ink, he jumped at the chance.

“Even at school, I knew I wanted to do something creative and was always interested in any sort of design,” Steve explains. “I studied graphic design at university and ended up on a course which focused on hands-on design. However, when it came to getting a job, potential employers were looking for experience on Apple Macs – which were just coming in then.”

Steve ended up moving abroad and ‘fell into’ sales and account management, before returning to the UK to join a publishing company in Tonbridge, where he worked on business-to-business directories in the film/television and corporate event sectors. As those directories were sold on a few times, he moved with them, until he was offered his most recent role in the music industry.

“Rob was looking to fill two roles at Target Ink – a business development manager and a junior designer – and I so grateful to him that he’s given me the opportunity to do both by splitting my job,” says Steve. “For me, it’s ideal and I am so happy to be getting back into design after all these years, as well as continuing to work in business development.”

This is the first time Target Ink has had anyone focused on sales and Steve is enjoying the challenge of creating the profile of an ideal client for the agency and then seeking them out.

“I soon come came to recognise that, apart from creating amazing websites, Target Ink stands out from its competitors due to the unique approach to support it provides,” he says. “Its maintenance and support package is the perfect solution for so many businesses and it’s now my job to tell them about it.”

He continues: “There are so many agencies out there who charge loads for a wonderful website but are then not so interested when it comes to making amendments and updates. Rob recognised an opportunity, which Target Ink has really capitalised on. In addition, the personal service which clients receive here is fantastic; clients generally deal with the same person all the way through, which I know they appreciate.”

Steve says that as far as getting involved with design work at Target Ink goes, he is ‘absolutely loving it’.

“I am pleased to be able to take away all those small jobs from head designer Matt – particularly tickets which come via our maintenance and support system - so he can concentrate on bigger things,” he explains. “Getting stuck in is the best way to learn and it’s bringing me so much pleasure.”

Web Designer team Tunbridge Wells

When he’s not at work, Steve enjoys going to the gym, walking his dog and meeting up with friends and family. His partner lives in Holland, so recently he’s been enjoying discovering more about that country. Steve also loves music. He can DJ – something he says suits a creative mind – while he appreciates ‘old school’ music, including R&B and soul.

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