Mobile Integration - You Ready?

October 29, 2014

Do you own a smartphone? Chances are that even if you don’t, someone you know does.

Despite this, the common public perception is that we are still using desktops as our most preferred way of accessing the internet. Why?

Sure, you might use your iPhone to check your e-mails, post a Facebook update or send the odd Tweet. But when it comes to important tasks like banking or making a purchase, most feel you can’t beat the desktop computer. Don’t they?

The truth is, the public, and as a result most business owners, are greatly underestimating the size of the shift from traditional browsing to mobile devices. And in turn they are missing out on the wealth of opportunities that come with this change in consumer behaviour.

As these figures released at a recent Westminster eForum event, from a study conducted by the Pew Research Centre for mobile web usage, demonstrate:
  • The Mobile Web is Already Huge
  • A sale from a mobile phone on eBay happens every 2 seconds
  • Smartphone sales have already surpassed PC sales
  • 38% of tablet owners spend more time on their device than watching TV
  • There were a total of $241 billion mobile transactions in 2011

Think about what that means to your business and then consider the most surprising statistics:

  • More Android devices are activated a day (700,000) than babies born in the world
  • 93% of mobile users access the web daily on their smartphones in the UK
  • In 2015 trends predict, more people will use the internet on their mobile devices than computers

Is your business ready to capitalise from this shift in consumer behaviour? If you’re answering “no”, it’s time to re-write the to-do list and make mobile integration your number one priority.

Don’t Fall Behind

Most small businesses don’t understand how mobile marketing works. They are simply not aware that to be effective they need to have their regular website optimised for mobile browsing.

Try it Yourself

Try it now, take out your phone and look up your company website. How does it look? What about your iPad or tablet device? Pretend that you are a potential customer. Is it easy to find important information? Is it difficult to click on the links without having to zoom in? Chances are that your website is not optimised for mobile yet, causing frustration to your customer.

Best case scenario, they close your site in annoyance and wait until they are at a PC or laptop. But we both know how likely that is. Worst case scenario, they leave your site in anger, find a competitor and never think about your business again.

The Mobile Solution

At Target Ink we have different ways to solve the mobile conundrum. There is the web integration for mobiles devices, where we can enable your site to be mobile friendly. This uses all the data from your desktop website and throws in some extra special design and clever coding. Making your site change to a mobile optimised site whenever viewed on a phone or tablet.

The second solution to enable for mobile integration, is a percentage based platform site. This mean that whatever size your device is - be it desktop or mobile - your website will reformat with responsive code to fit within the confines of that screen.

Once you have your mobile friendly website in place you can start benefiting from the increasing traffic and consumer spend that is flowing through the mobile web. In addition, you can make use of the many new marketing channels that all hang from a fully functional mobile website.

Check out our site on your mobile to see how effective mobile integrated websites can be and contact us to find out what we can do for you. Type: into your mobile device and see for yourself what mobile design can achieve.

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