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We are a Pay Per Lead Adwords Agency based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The key word here is LEAD not CLICK Why Pay per click when a click is just a visitor to your website. At Target Ink we only charge our clients for leads, thats phone calls or form fills, nothing else.

We put our money where our mouth is, if we cant make your Adwords campaign a successful one you done pay us, it's really that simple.

The usual way this works is that you hire a pay per click agency (like us) to manage your Adwords campaign and, yes, you guessed it, you pay for every click you receive. The price you pay varies largely, usually based on budget. But no matter how other people do it, the result is the same -  you have no control over what you’re spending and how much work is done for that money. If your results are based on the traffic that your campaign achieves (as most are), then the agency has no vested interest in how good the quality of that traffic is. Google Adwords is a highly customisable targeting system, but it takes a lot of work to get right...

Anyway. That’s how it works with them. Now for how it works with us…

  • You set up an Adwords account just like you would anywhere else.
  • You control the budget, we put in the effort. And we put in A LOT of effort!
  • We build a whole new website hosted under your main site that is specifically targeted to your ads, not your customer.
  • We optimise individual pages for individual ads - we start with a few and over time we build the numbers in line with the ads - sometimes there are hundreds.

What’s the next step? Well, if you've already filled out the calculator above, call 01892 800400 to speak to a professional Ad Manager to go through the process in detail. If you haven’t filled out the calculator, give us a call anyway and we’ll talk you through it.

We'll only take on clients if we’re sure it will be the right thing for them... after all, we’re putting a lot on the line too, so it's got to be in both our interests!

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