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December 15, 2016

When embarking on a new website for your business it is vital that you approach the task with the right set of outcomes. What is the website for? Who is going to using it? What do you want them to do, or learn whilst they are there?

Even more importantly, how are you going to capture their attention in those first few crucial seconds to ensure that they stay on the site long enough to make the effort and expense you have gone to worth your while.

The two tenants of making those first seconds count are excellent visuals and easy navigation. If the design is right, landing on your website will leave your customer with a first impression that they are in the right place. If the navigation matches their intentions, they should be quickly sign-posted to their goals, before tedium, frustration, or the call of checking back onto Facebook, or making a quick cuppa distracts them away.

It is not enough to have a website that looks the business on day one, because even great visuals and engaging content will feel jaded if there is nothing new to come back for. It is necessary to review, renew and refresh your site, moving with the rest of your business to flex and reform as your priorities, products or perspectives change.

Along with the window dressing that keeps the site fresh it is useful if you have identified your ‘staples’ the items that are essential to the function of your site. Clear contact details, an eye-catching and quick method to get in touch, get a quote, find out more. The architecture of the site that brings a curious customer to a point of sale.

Lastly, once you have got a website that is fresh, purposeful & income-generating, you have to guide your target audience towards it. Here at Target Ink we can help you get not only the design, content and intent right, we also help with the social marketing too. Helping to make links to your site and talk about your work build into a buzz.

Check out a couple of our e-commerce clients: Wildisde Cycling & Squerryes Winery

Once you get these few but crucial website rules right, you’ll have a website that not only can grow with your business needs, but can help facilitate that growth too.

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