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April 27, 2016

The best design manages to seem effortless, merging so well with its brief and subject that it is indistinguishable from the overall product.

So it is with a new product recently launched on the crowd-funding website kickstarter. Meet the edible spoon, a spoon that is surely the future of packed lunches and fast food outlets.

Produced by a company called Bakey, their edible cutlery aims to prevent the massive amount of waste associated with the take away industry. Offered in three flavours - sugar, savoury (salt & cumin) and plain - the spoon is kept simple to appeal to almost every pallet. For similar mass market appeal, it is also vegan. The spoon is made out of an African grain called sorghum, as well as wheat and rice. However, if the accommodating ingredients and flavours don't appeal and you choose not to nibble on your cutlery, the spoon can be thrown away, with full decomposition occurring in a matter of days.

This design, solving a problem so simply that it is difficult to wonder why this has not seen wider success before, is not only environmental but also cost effective, with production values less than current plastic and wooden equivalents. However, there are some limitations. So far, edible knives are out, as the moisture absorbed from the food during its use undermines their ability to stay sharp, but chopsticks & forks are in development.

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