Instagram Introduces Account Switching

February 18, 2016

What are the Benefits for Business?

Instagram has recently updated its app to include an easy account switching function. This will allow its users too easily post to different accounts without the clumsy process of logging in and out. Following on from Facebook and Twitter's example Instagram's change reflects user behaviour. For some time many users have seen the advantages of running different online identities. Multiple accounts within one social media platform allows the same medium to be used to tell contrasting stories and reach more than one audience.

Social media success is driven by the choices of its users to subscribe or unsubscribe from media content. The information that people receive from which to make this choice is often very brief. A small bio, a picture, a shared post. With such a limited window of opportunity to reel in an audience, clarity of message is essential. The use of several accounts to represent your business can help streamline your content to appeal more clearly to specific groups.

Multiple accounts are especially effective for businesses that have more than one area of expertise, or operate a similar service but in separate locations. In these instances a business will be appealing to more than one target market and a single account can leave content spread too thinly as posts aim to engage disparate groups. In contrast, separate accounts can target each market individually, honing in on their particular interests and needs.

Location is an important marker for online engagement. For businesses rooted in several local communities a separate social media presence per area can significantly increase user engagement. Especially useful for businesses operating with a shop front, putting locality at the centre of your online identity directly links you to the real life high street. Not only this, but audience members are likely to be connected to other local groups, creating a ripple effect of greater visibility.

Instagram's efforts to streamline switching between accounts allows businesses an easier route to managing multiple online identities. Using a strategy of multiple accounts once came with a certain amount of hassle, however, this latest change has further opened up the credibility of employing this method.

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