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June 19, 2016

Businesses in Kent - Target Ink  included - can benefit from getting involved with the newly launched Kent Business Card (KDC).

Unlike most bottom line special offer websites, which can be a great way for businesses to make sales, a recent rise in local special offer companies, such as KDC, opens up a whole new door for not only business promotion, but also business to business deals.

The localised nature of the project means that business owners in Kent can use KDC to find providers and services working in their area at great discount rates. By finding business services this way owners not only save when they receive the special offer promotions, but also because of the speed of finding a good value service - no need to go to the expense of ringing around researching local offers, the deals have all been sorted for you!

As a promoter on the website the same quick connections can have a similar benefit in reverse. New clients can find you at the click of a mouse and at a great deal. This saves time for both the client and the provider in getting down to business, moreover, because they have been introduced to your business through a great deal these clients are more likely to be relaxed about the service provided, having realistic expectations and perhaps even an increased eagerness to begin the work, with excitement for the saving easing the client over the hurdle of ‘signing on the dotted line.’

As a website design agency Target Ink are not only are excited about the sales potential of using KDC, we are also aware of the SEO benefits too. As a trusted and popular site, Target Ink’s presence on KDC provides good quality online representation, in turn raising Target’s own overall Google profile. Registering for KDC is therefore likely to also raise traffic to our site, and good quality traffic too - from people linked to the Kent area who are on the lookout for a bargain!

Businesses in Kent shouldn't miss out on the opportunity of getting registered on this site and if the incentives weren’t sweet enough already, it’s currently free to sign up to be part of the Kent Discount Card.

To read more on what Kent discounts have to offer click the link:

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