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July 3, 2024

Film on a website can be extremely engaging and more likely to capture and hold the attention of visitors compared with text and static images.

Also, visitors are more likely to interact with your content, leading to longer site visits and a greater chance of conversion. 

In a recent blog we talked about how great photography can make a brilliant website even better. But, as it says on Blueprint Film’s website: “If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a minute of video is worth 1,500,000.”

Blueprint Film is one of a group of creative agencies we work alongside here at Target Ink and the team has supported a number of our clients. We have also recently refreshed the company’s website and you can find out more about that in this case study Blueprint Film | Video Production

Video plays a useful role across all media types – from websites to social media. We’ve all ended up on Facebook or Instagram scrolling through short videos and, of course, TikTok is entirely based on short-form videos. Video is easy to share on these social media platforms and, depending on how engaging and entertaining your short clip is, it always has the potential to go viral!

Here at Target Ink, more and more of our clients are adding video to their website and they not only look great aesthetically but have other benefits as well, including SEO. Today, search engines favour websites with video content, potentially leading to higher search engine rankings. If people are engaged with your content and spending more time consuming it, this signals to search engines that your site is valuable, which can positively impact your SEO. By optimising your videos with relevant keywords, descriptions and tags, you can further improve your website's visibility and ranking in search results.

Video Production Web Design Case Study

Video can be a great way of highlighting and emphasising your brand’s personality and the story your business has to tell. They can help to maintain a consistent brand and corporate voice across all your platforms. If you want to be seen as a ‘fun’ brand, then your video should reflect that. As Darren Bolton from Blueprint Film says: “If your business offers high quality products or services, then you need high-end video to represent that.”

Video is a great way of telling your company’s unique story, giving you a competitive advantage and also a way of introducing your team. Instead of just a photo of staff, you could consider short ‘meet the team’ videos. Potential customers will see you are a ‘real’ business with real people. This will build trust and it might be enough to drive a sale. 

Videos can effectively communicate your message and showcase product features. Ultimately this could convince visitors to take that next step on the sales path, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or filling out a form to register their interest. 

In a recent blog, we explained how the case study section of our website is now our most effective sales tool. In addition to written case studies, you might consider sourcing video case studies from your clients. These could be added to your website, shared on social media, uploaded to YouTube or screened at exhibitions etc. 

Video is often a great way of explaining complex information and we’ve used this to our advantage at Target Ink. Visitors often ask us for directions to our office. There’s a car park within minutes of our building but the access isn’t on our road and it’s on our local common, so there are trees obscuring the view. You also need to find the footpath leading from the car park. 

At this point, you’re probably not following our explanation of the directions! Fair enough. We might be great at websites but, over the years, we’ve discovered we’re not always that proficient at giving directions! To help us, Blueprint Film used one of its drones to produce a fantastic short film explaining exactly how to find us.

Darren from Blueprint Film says: “Video really comes into its own with short ‘how to’ films about products that are difficult to explain on paper. Made well, they can very quickly help a customer to see how something works.”

Film is helpful when it comes to conveying complex information or providing educational content as well. Also, by providing valuable and informative videos, you can position yourself as an industry expert and build credibility among your target audience.  A well-made ‘how to’ can also reduce the burden on your customer support team. 

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, a lot of social media platforms utilise video and visitors are most likely to be watching them on their mobile phone. In which case, video is easier to consumer than lengthy paragraphs of text on a smaller screen. 

We’ve written previously about the importance of making your website accessible. It’s important to ensure your video has captions and many platforms, such as YouTube, add captions automatically. Captions are also useful if somebody is scrolling without earphones and doesn’t want to disturb those around them. Inclusion and diversity are also important to consider when creating video content and making it accessible for your audience and relevant.

Finally, video can provide a real emotional connection. We’ve all cried at those seasonal adverts which catch us by surprise on the television in the run up to Christmas and when it comes to perhaps getting across the work a charity does to help people in need, somebody’s personal story on film makes much more of an impact than some words. 

As Darren from Blueprint Film says: “On a website, video is dynamic, engaging and visually stimulating.”

To find out more about leveraging the benefits of video on your website, give us a call: 01892 800400

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