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October 9, 2018

Emojis. They might be like Marmite to you but they’re not showing signs of doing anything apart from growing in popularity.

Doesn’t seem like they are flash in the pan youth culture or solely for the use of millennials – over 5 billion daily Facebook Messenger posts include emojis. So perhaps you should embrace them instead of giving them a wide berth or dismissing them as textspeak silliness. But do emojis have – and deserve – a place in social media marketing and engagement?

1: Help ease the inbox

We’re all bombarded daily by emails, not all of which hold an interest for us. GDPR hasn’t made a massive dent in our overflowing inboxes. As business owners, we need to cut through the inbox noise and make sure our own amazing email gets seen, gets read and gets a response – not deleted on sight. The subject line is vital and the words you use need to sell your message. Why not add some emojis and allow your subject line to stand out and be noticed?

2: Pictures speak a thousand words

With over 2800 emojis in the Unicode Standard, they cover pretty much everything you might ever want to communicate. You could try letting the pictures do the talking. Some have subtle differences between them so it’s worth checking before sending that you’re not using something highly inappropriate, offensive or plain wrong. And various platforms and providers display emojis in different ways so check that too.

3: DIY

Can’t find what you want amongst the 2800? Why not invent your own? We’ve got the 🎯 bit of our name but not the Ink so could make our own unique emoji. There are several emoji makers out there so get your creative on and see where it takes you.

4: Jump on that bandwagon. Cautiously…

We’re not usually ones for following the crowd but in this case they may have a point. Emojis have been shown to increase click-through rate. BUT. Proceed with caution – not every campaign or message can take an emoji and not every audience will be receptive. So we’d still exercise our industry knowledge and only employ emojis when they’re 100% on brand or message.

5: Here, there and everywhere

If you decide emojis do have a place in your online conversations, consider their most effective use. Social media is an ideal platform as it’s so visual and anything that helps your message stand out can only be good. Include them in Meta titles – Google reversed a previous decision and now allow and recognise them in search results snippets. They can increase interaction with push notifications. And as previously mentioned, you could add them to email subject lines.  

If you’re still not sure if emojis are right for you, your customers or your brand, give us a ☎️, send us an 📧 or come and say 👋. We’re very 😊.

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