More Than Just A Table

January 7, 2016

2015 has been an extraordinary year for Target Ink. Last year saw us grow by more than 50% in sales, move into our new office.

Complete with swish new boardroom table made and designed by us- with a little help from our friends PICTURES) and expand our team with an eye on a further member of staff in the new year – even so we are still a small enterprise – and with that spirit comes advantages for our clients, and important values that we should always keep in mind:

Keeping it personal - we value having personal relationships with our clients. Because we are small our clients will always know who they are dealing with.
We are much more able to respond flexibly and quickly to problems and challenges without getting bogged down in procedure as can be the case with larger business.
Introducing and inventing new ideas and innovations. Freedom from procedure breeds creativity and means that we are constantly looking for ways that we can improve our products and services.

Value for money- keeping our overheads low means better value for money for our clients.

Tailor-making our services. Because we are not a production line like larger firms we are much more able to listen to the needs of our clients and make something that meets their needs.

“I set up Ti in 2008 after returning from Dubai. It was the middle of the recession, people were avoiding spending so you needed to offer a lot of value for as little cost as possible, something we got really good at and as a result were able to offer a lot more bang for your buck than most of our competition which has made sales a relatively trouble free part of the business (touch wood!!)”  Rob Stevens | Managing Director

The UK is the 9th most entrepreneurial country in the world, and as a nation we have always invented, innovated and created –in fact our creative industries are undergoing a boom, with employment figures increasing at more than twice the rate of the wider UK economy

And this report suggests that it’s not only experienced business men and women taking the plunge, but also university students in full time education taking on a bit more than the usual part time job in the Union!

So when we finally put our feet up at Christmas and reflected on our achievements last year we can also raise a glass to small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK. Cheers!  

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