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February 22, 2024

Business owners will often get in touch with us at Target Ink, saying they need a new website.

This could be for a number of reasons, including a corporate rebrand, a new arm to their business or simply that they feel their current website is outdated. However, sometimes it is because they are unhappy with the support - or lack of support - they are receiving from their current agency. They assume that, to become a client of Target Ink, would involve us creating a new website but, that’s not the case.

Assuming the existing website isn’t terribly outdated, we can often simply take over its maintenance and support. Yes, it might need a refresh in due course – or an entirely new website might be needed further down the road – but, initially, we can often support the website and make any changes as and when they are needed.

We meet so many business owners who feel hemmed in by their website and unable to move forward, because they think they need a new one or the one they’ve got isn’t performing for them. Here at Target Ink, we support them to pivot from this position and understand that it could be they just need proactive and friendly website support.

If you think you need a new website, here are some issues to consider first:

Branding and business goals

If your business has rebranded, then this could be the time to look at updating your website, as it won’t now represent your new logo and brand colours – but you might not necessarily require a completely new website. Alternatively, your brand might not have changed but you could feel that your current website no longer represents your brand or business culture and feels dated. Again, a refresh or some proactive website support might be all you require.

As your company grows and evolves, then what you need your website to do for your business is likely to change as well. This could be due to strategic decisions you make or perhaps down to external factors – such as during the pandemic.

It might be that your business has merged or you’ve acquired another company. In which case, you might want a website refresh to reflect this expansion of your business or change of direction etc.

User Experience Update

User experience

It could be your website still feels current but the way visitors engage with it is starting to feel clunky and this is having a negative impact on user experience (UX). Visitors will soon click away if pages take time to load or there are technical issues. In addition, pages with a slow loading time will negatively impact your SEO and a refresh or some active support could be enough to improve this.

Consider the architecture of your website and whether it works for your business. Also, what landing pages does your website have and do you need additional ones for particular promotions etc.

Technology, security and compliance

Some businesses move over to Target Ink because their current website has got so old that the platform it’s on is no longer supported. If that’s the case, there can be concerns regarding securing updates and ongoing security. If your current website won’t stand up to mal-ware attacks and hacking, it could be a reason to have an entirely new website.

Staying compliant with the latest web standards and regulations, including GDPR is crucial, while your website accessibility is important too. It might be that you simply need to update your site to make sure these requirements are included.


Some businesses come to us because they’ve been quoted a lot of money by their existing digital agency for a new website or perhaps the price of licensing, hosting and support has suddenly increased. Again, these companies often assume that moving over to Target Ink will mean a new website but we can often just take over the maintenance and support of their existing one.

When it is time for a new website, they will benefit from our unique pricing structure – with the cost of a new website typically lower than our competitors and then spread out over 12 months by signing up to our support package.

Do get in touch if you would like us to look at your current website. It could be that, yes, you need a new one – particularly if the technology is outdated. But, very often you could simply benefit from a refresh or Target Ink taking over its maintenance and support, which will see your website organically evolve over time.

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