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December 27, 2023

Many of us really enjoy visiting farmers’ markets and buying produce direct from the people who have made it.

We like knowing it’s local, hearing the stories behind its creation and meeting the people who have put their heart into it. That piece of cheese or loaf of bread always feels a bit more special - and tastes extra delicious too - when it’s been created by a local artisan. 

The same applies to buying something unique – like a custom-made bicycle. If we get a chance to the visit the factory and meet the people making it, to admire the workmanship – and even smell it – then it makes that product even more special. And, yes, we did mean ‘smell it’; Rob from Target Ink loves his cycling and he would absolutely sniff a custom-made bike!

While ‘artisan’ isn’t a phrase you’d typically apply to a digital agency – we actually like to think of ourselves at Target Ink as an artisan website creator; each of the websites we develop is beautiful and bespoke. We purposely only build a small number of websites during the year and we really care about each and every one of them.

Recently in SO Tunbridge Wells Magazine we spoke about how we enjoy being based in Tunbridge Wells and how we celebrate collaboration and friendships formed through business. 

As Rob Stevens said: “Tunbridge Wells is at the centre of a real digital revolution and I’m proud that Target Ink is part of that. We embrace collaboration – it drives our business and keeps us current and vibrant. As part of that, sub-contractors are key to our business model; we have attracted some of the best talent in this area and feel privileged that they want to be part of our story.”

We are proud of where we are based and would much rather invite clients and potential clients into our studio. We want them to get to know us and feel the creativity in our space. Equally, we think this makes them feel relaxed and at ease, which means they will talk to us more openly about their business and what they want their website to achieve. 

We make pretty good coffee and, over the large glass table in our meeting room, we’ll map out and share ideas and goals. You’ll see your website ‘come to life’ in a way which would never happen in an online meeting. 

Caroline Reilly from Home Car Charging Solutions recognised the benefits of working with a local digital agency.

“I felt encouraged by the fact that this was a recommendation and I also liked the fact that Target Ink were local to us,” she explains. “I realise that nowadays that doesn’t really matter but it gave me peace-of-mind that I could have a face-to-face meeting if I needed to.”

Discover more here:

Just like you would do visiting the factory where your bespoke bicycle is being made – you’ll meet the people here who are creating your website and will continue to be beside you on the journey.

Client James Stanbridge of Entourage Pro told us: “Being local really helped during the design phase, when we needed to basically ‘bash it out’ and work through various elements together. While our day-to-day contacts have been Matt and Bob, Rob has been excellent in his role as project manager, keeping everything on course. I think this is where it’s been great working with a smaller agency, as you know who you are dealing with.”

Read more about our work with Entourage Pro here:

While some digital agencies might want you to believe they’ve got huge shiny offices and myriad teams of creatives working away – we are honest about our small but incredibly talented team. 

Of course, we don’t just create websites, a large part of our USP is our maintenance and support service. If somebody buys a custom-made bicycle, they want to be able to have it serviced and maintained by somebody who understands it. The Target Ink philosophy sees us continue to support your business and your website.

To find out more about how our artisan approach to website creation can benefit your business, visit: or call 01892 800400.

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