The Importance and Love of Typography

February 2, 2016

Typography is a wondrous thing, it has many uses from conveying ideas to becoming an idea in itself.

Words are just letters that fall into place to create meaning and without meaning words are useless. This is why typography is key to any letters, words or ligatures. Type can generate its own meanings and connotations - it is in essence a form of expression.

Typography can help your words (with meaning) even more meaningful, try writing a sentence in a few different fonts, and then read them back. You'll find that you have different emotions connected to those sentences depending on the font used.

The world of typography is a vast and complicated place, we will be touching upon it in more depth in the future. So for now just think - does Comic Sans really give a good impression when used in my formal letter to a business, does Times New Roman connect with my audience?

I hope you visit soon to find out more about the wonderful world of typography!
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