The Art of Judging a Book by its Cover

January 8, 2016

Like it or not we all do it. And it's no wonder. We are all constantly bombarded by design, good and bad, which we all, consciously or unconsciously judge. All the time.

Good design matters. Founder of Bauhaus Walter Gropius said the following:

"Design should cover everything, from the teacup to the city".

If the Internet had existed there is no question that he would have included websites in this all encompassing statement.

Good design solves problems with aesthetically pleasing solutions. Where it succeeds it provides a distinct style recognisable by future generations. The failures fade to obscurity.

Almost every business has a website. It takes users 0.05 seconds to decide whether they like your website; whether to stay or leave. Getting it right is the difference between success and failure.

This article from branding super-king Interbrand points out that the top 10 companies of 2015 are all design-led. Design runs right through these businesses not only unifying the user experience but completely moulding the business around their customers needs. Interbrand Design even helps companies to grow and evolve.

So it's worth investing in beautiful, functional design for your website. And we can help you with that. Check out our web design. For more info on how to engage with your user have a read of our blog 'A Picture tells a thousand words'

You can read more about the principles of good web design here:

And about Dieter Rams' old school 10 principles of good design here- like good design these are timeless:

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